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Engagement in a remote first environment

Mattheu McBarnett

August 29, 2022 · 1 min read

I've been working remotely since 2019, I've moved around - working from Indonesia for 6 months. I've seen my coworkers in person once over the past years at the company Christmas party.  Over these years I've come across the following problems.

Social Isolation

While many employees welcome the flexibility of working remotely and appreciate the opportunities to work from anywhere, others find that they miss the informal social interactions that happen in an office setting. They miss the chance to chat with colleagues during breaks or over lunch, or even just overhearing others in the hallway.

It's no wonder that loneliness is one of the most common complaints about remote work—and it’s not just extraverts who suffer from isolation more in the short run. If you don't have opportunities to connect with others in your remote-work environment, then you might feel left out and isolated as well.


Since teams are remote you miss out on all the funny things that can happen in an office environment, the general mishaps, and a colleague's quirkiness. The all-out assault of donuts and cakes on a coworker's birthday. No exploring lunch and coffee options in the City together.


Offer opportunities for co-workers to interact and foster personal connections. I find having a loose meeting schedule with some time allocated for chatting can work with small groups. I also find time to share personal interests like my 5-a-side league or my adventures with a pizza oven.

Team activities - Play games - maybe start an online chess league or any other game depending on your team.

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