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Design the finest e-cards online for family and friends using Gleeboard - the ultimate platform for exceptional, heartfelt greetings! 💌

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Add who it's for and who it's from.

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Share with friends / family - Anyone can add their own messsage, photos & videos.

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Send - the receipient will receive a link via email on the set date or you can share a link yourself.

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Effortlessly Create E-Cards Online with Gleeboard!

Everyone can contribute

Embrace the freedom to celebrate with Gleeboard, where there are no restrictions on the number of contributors. Invite as many people as you desire or cherish a personal moment all on your own.


Infuse your e-card with affection by incorporating distinctive GIFs, heartfelt messages, and unforgettable videos, creating a truly personalized and loving keepsake!


🥳 Experience the excitement of crafting and sending e-cards online - a fun and interactive way to connect with loved ones! 💌

🌈 Tap into your creative side and enjoy personalizing e-cards with lively colors, playful fonts, and eye-catching graphics that capture your unique style and emotions. ğŸŽ¨

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Online group cards

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