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The easiest way to send a group leaving card around your office.


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How it works

Create a card

Add who it's for and who it's from.

example creating a gleeboard


Share with friends / family - Anyone can add their own messsage, photos & videos.

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Send - the receipient will receive a link via email on the set date or you can share a link yourself.

example sending a gleeboard

Say goodbye to colleagues in style

Share the love

Share the love with your coworkers!

It’s easy to get everyone in the office involved in a big celebration. Just gather all their messages and contributions, enter the email address of the lucky recipient, and they’ll receive a delightful email featuring all the messages and images from their coworkers.


Saying goodbye is hard.

But we've got your back!

Send them a farewell e-card that's as unique as your relationship! Choose from a GIF, video, or photo card to send them off in style.

Easily shared!

It's time to share the love!

Once you’ve gathered all your messages and contributions, simply enter the email address of the lucky recipient and they’ll receive an email with all the messages on their leaving day

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